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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am an event manager and therefore I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration for parties and events. I think I actually spend more time looking at wedding stuff than I did five years ago when I was planning my own wedding. Because I don't want all that time spent looking at stuff to be a waste I want to share with you all some of my favorite things...

1. Mustache on a stickMy friend Bonnie had these at her wedding (and then Jessie had them at hers) and I couldn't get enough of them! I carried this Wyatt Earp mustache around all night. She had all kinds of different styles ranging from the handlebar to the hitler. I think they are a great addition to any photo booth! (Who knows, maybe I will have one at Cian's birthday party...)

2. Tissue Paper Pomanders and flowers.
They are so cute and easy to make (though they are time consuming so pop in a good move and start folding some tissue paper). they are good alternative to real flowers and can be used again and again!

3. Umbrellas

I found this image on the site for Lite Dallas. I am dying to use umbrellas hanging from the ceiling as decoration at something. I just think it is such a cool concept and the tops look really neat. Superstitious? Don't come to the next party I throw...

Now here a few of my favorite things in my life right now...

1. Running
I ran my first 5k about a year ago and I was hooked! Since then I have run many other 5ks a 10 mile race and a half marathon. I run for Team ASK, a team that benefits Special Kids (www.teamask.org) . We meet every Saturday at 7AM for fellowship and to run together. I have met some great people and truly enjoy the blessings that they are bringing to my life. I actually have been kind of a slacker since running the Music City Half Marathon in April. I am planning on running a 10 mile race in three weeks so I better hit the pavement!

2. Spending time with my boys.Yes, Steve is trying to make sure Cian is a hockey fan and wants to play hockey. (Saving for college, no way, we are saving for hockey). Steve won't believe me when I say this, but I love being home now more than anything else. Hanging out with Cian and Steve is my very favorite thing to do. It isn't about the big things either, it's the small every day moments that are truly amazing. I love tickling Cian and hearing him squeal with laughter or the big big hugs he will give me as he walks through the room. I love sitting on the couch watching a movie as a family (well two of us are sitting watching a movie anyway). I know one day we will have moved on from this phase and I won't remember exactly what day to day life was like but I want to freeze it in my mind. I want to remember how good it felt and how happy we were as a family.

3. Working with children's ministry at World Outreach.

So I don't have a picture of this one, but I can not say how much this has truly blessed my life. I have met some really awesome people and I think I have learned more than the kids. We have a new lesson every week. Some of the stories I already know and some I am just learning. It is great to read the story and look at it from an adult perspective and then thinking about it from the perspective of a fourth grader and trying to figure out how they can most benefit from the stories. I am kind of a nerd about studying the lessons and I make sure it is on my to do list for at least three days of the week.

Those are just a few of my favorite things! I am going to start something new tomorrow, Mommy Mondays. I am going to post the stuff no one ever tells you about parenthood before you become a parent. They will be both good and bad. Beware, it is not for the faint of heart!

See you tomorrow!

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