Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I realize that most of the people reading this know us already or can stalk us on facebook to find out what is going on in our lives, but I feel I should post some introductions anyway, so here goes...

The Boys

My hubbs, Steve and the coolest little dude living in our house, Cian. Steve is my other half that keeps me in line. When I want to spend every waking moment away from the house and doing things he reminds me that it is possible to do stuff at home. (Who knew??) This being said, he supports me when I decide to fundraise, volunteer, work long hours and teach Sunday School. He rarely complains and watches Cian while I run at the crack of dawn. He is probably one of the smartest people I know. He kicks my butt at words with friends every time. He is an amazing dad and seeing him with Cian makes me love him even more. He is definitely getting Cian ready to be a baseball, football or hockey player. I like it that he thinks our son is epic. He works for Mark Trece and produces printing plates for box manufacturers. I think if I didn't drag him out of the house he would be content to play games all day. Thank goodness we have each other!

Cian is the best thing I have ever had a part in producing. He pretty much came out the womb loving balls and throwing things. That kid has an arm! Ball was definitely one of his first words and any time he sees one he will drop what he is doing to go get it. He also loved dogs right from the start, which you will see is a great thing in our house! Cian is so loving and give biggy hugs and kisses but can also give you some of the dirtiest looks. (He gets this from his dad). He doesn't really like to sleep and I don't know where this came from because Steve and I love naps! Cian is at that age where he is learning like crazy and wants to explore everything. He likes to build and put things together. He has recently learned how to fasten the buckle on his high chair and loves to do it over and over again. (My dad, grumpa, has a game they play where Cian will fasten it and my dad will make a straining noise like it is really hard to undo and then he will open it). Cian loves this game and now makes the straining noise every time he fastens the belt. Cian loves to run down the sidewalk while we chase him. He also loves to turn around and see his shadow running with him. I can't wait to see all the traits that emerge as he becomes more and more in-d-pendent. (In the words of Hermey the elf)

First comes love, then comes...Speedy

Speedy was our first dog, we got him in 2003 when we lived in Florida. There was a local rescue that set up at the Petsmart in Winter Park every Saturday. I went by there a couple times to torture myself and look at the dogs they had. I had also browsed the dogs they had online about a thousand times. One day I went by there to check them out and saw this cute little wire-haired dog named Frodo. I called Steve, went and picked him up (we shared a car at the time) and we came down to look at the little hobbit. Speedy caught Steve's eye instead and we asked if we could take him out of the cage and play with him for a bit. We did, he was crazy, we loved him and he went home with us. We should have know by the way he jumped on everyone and nipped at everything that he was wild, but we fell in love. He gives what I used to called good boy kisses until I realized that he was just trying to french. He was really nervous around kids for a long time, but has adjusted well to Cian. I think he is Cian's favorite because he licks Cian's face. He is still a little psycho but has calmed down in middle age and since we have more dogs. His nicknames include : mogeeds, wija boy, psycho psycho, speedy boncheedy, speedy bon bon and many others. He even has a couple songs, I might just sing you one when the time's right.

Then Comes Marriage, then comes Arwen in the baby carriage...

We got Arwen from a Great Dane rescue when we moved back to TN from FL in 2005. She was four months old and about the size of a small lab. Steve had wanted a Great Dane for awhile and I had found her on petfinder while we were still in Florida. We decided that we couldn't afford another dog so Karen, Steve's mom, decided to get her for us as a wedding gift! (This was especially generous since we were about to move our family into their house for awhile. Steve and I made seven people and Speedy and Arwen made six dogs, yow)! She was huge and clumsy right from the beginning but such a gentle girl. She loves all things comf and is content just to lay with you on the couch. She is cuddly and gives some big ole sloppy kisses. This 130lb beast definitely takes me for walks. Nicknames include: Big O' and Black Black Beauty (pronounced bawack, bawack bejeuty). She also has a song.

Then comes my sweet Abby Wu

Abby was the sweet girl I brought home against Steve's will. This one caused a little tift. In 2007 one of Karen's friends had to move and couldn't take her sweet little terrier with her so they were looking for a home. (We had moved out of their house by this time and had bought our house). I wanted to go meet the sweet dog. Steve told me if I went to see her I would take her home but said I could go look anyway. Well, I took this to mean you can do see her and take her home! That is just what I did. I fell in love with Abby immediately, she is timid, loving and so cuddly. She loves to be pet and curl up right next to you. She loves Arwen, she will lick Arwen's wounds and they sleep next to each other at night. If you make a farting noise she will run away and hide. My mom has tried to convince me to give her Abby on numerous occasions but she isn't going anywhere. Cian can say Abby now and says her name over and over again. Nicknames include: Abby Wu, Miss Wu and Sweet Sweets (pronounced sje sjeets). Poor little third child Abby doesn't have a song.

Now you know our little family and can take the journey with us. See you soon!

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