Wedding Shower

Monday, May 10, 2010

Over the weekend my aunts, cousin and I threw a shower for my soon to be sister-in-law, Bonnie. (My mom helped as well by making her famous sausage and egg casserole). Bonnie is so awesome and I am so excited that is she marrying my brother Ben. I think she balances him out well and they get along so well! He was a great fiance and even showed up at the shower just in time for a cupcake and some gifts. (Steve would never come within 200 feet of a shower, too must estrogen).

For the shower the four (ok, five) of us worked very well together and split up the tasks like who was bringing and making what. Of course I offered to decorate! Their wedding colors are pink and green with black. These colors are so fun and I had a great time planning the decorations and making them. I made tissue paper poms and flowers (thank you Martha for your directions) and make a little candy bar for them. I named each candy, "don't let your love go sour patch" for the sour patch kids, "loveburst" for the starburst and "twined together" for the twizzlers. I ordered some buttons from Busy Beaver Buttons with bonnie+ben and their wedding date on them and pinned them on little white paper bags for the guests to put their candy in. Bonnie liked them so much that she is going to use them as their wedding favors. I was really excited about this because I have been really in to buttons lately. The poms/flowers were fun to make but were very time consuming! I had to get up at 6 am the day of the shower to finish all the little flowers. (That's me, always a procrastinator).
We had a brunch shower with French toast casserole, cheese grits, sausage and egg casserole, fruit, coffee and punch. I really liked having the shower early because we had the rest of the day to spend time in Chattanooga. (Ok, so I took a nap but that was quality time at my parent's house). Bonnie's mom was there and they are both so cute! Ben is definitely going to have a cool mother-in-law. I was able to meet most of her bridesmaids last weekend at a dinner Miquela, her matron of honor (below with me and Bonnie) hosted. Miquela is so on it as the matron of honor and seems to have helped them with everything. She even came prepared with a notebook to write down all the gifts!

Cian had fun at the shower for awhile but eventually it was nap time and he was so jacked up on cupcakes and twizzlers that he a nap wasn't happening. He wanted to run around in the yard at my aunt's house. She has an amazing garden and I was just sure Cian was going to trample through every flower bed. Thank the Lord he didn't!!

I can't wait for their wedding in June!!

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