Mommy Monday

Monday, May 31, 2010

So I have decided that every Monday (well hopefully most Mondays) I am going to post something about the things they don't tell you about motherhood. Everyone knows you will have this wonderful miracle that you will be so thankful for and that your life will change but I don't think any of us realize in what capacity having a child will change our lives. We also don't realize that the things we said we would never do we will most certainly do. You will be that mom. So without further adieu, my first Mommy Monday (yeah I will try to think of a more clever name)...

No one tells you:

You will be peed on. Yep people, I said it, you will be urinated on, especially if you have a boy. I should have been very suspicious when I received weenie teepees at my shower but I thought, haha this doesn't happen that often. Let me just say that it does. Maybe not to everyone but Cian sure was a peeing little boy. When boys are little tiny babies and you take their diaper off the air hits them and wheewwww, pee goes flying! (I talk with my hands so to get the full affect of this you must know that when I say whew I am wiggling my index finger back and forth and moving it up to indicate a spraying motion). I can not tell you how many times I took his diaper off and pee was on the walls, on my clothes and on my hands. I would put little Cian on the changing table and have a diaper or burp cloth ready to throw over his little ween so that it would soak up the inevitable spray of pee. And these pee-pee teepees do not stand up to the geyser! Those things went flying off like an apple shot by William Tell. The diapers weren't especially efficient either because they would be soiled before I even put them on. (I was a lot more concerned about this at first when I still thought I could break him). A few times when we were changing Cian on the floor he managed to pee on the carpet. Thank goodness were were used to this with the dogs. When Cian was about four months old I became especially brave at bath time, I took his clothes off in his room and brought him into the bathroom in the buff. This is a bad idea! Before his tush could hit the water I had a stream of pee on my shirt. How much can a newborn really pee? Any pee on you shirt is too much. Not a good idea to try to take photos while holding something that could leak at any moment! After awhile we stopped getting peed on and didn't have to carry carpet cleaner around with us anymore. Until tonight. I was getting Cian ready for bath time while Steve was in the living room and I thought it would be funny to send a little naked boy running into the room to get daddy. I told him to get daddy and I went to get the water started. When I came back into his room he was still there and the minute I hit the door he started to pee. Just stood there and let it flow! (One day when we are camping this will come in handy). I immediately cried out but it was too late, the carpet was urinated. I think I scared him when I squealed no and he practically jumped into my arms. One year old in tow, I broke out the fabreeze and carpet cleaner and went to work. I just hope speedy doesn't try to mark over it, it was in Cian''s territory. He had a fun bath and the rest of the night was urine free.

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