Mother's Day

Sunday, May 9, 2010

With a year and a half and two Mother's Days under my belt, I am finally confident that yes, they were right to let us take this child home. There is nothing that can completely prepare you for being a parent. It is both awesome and exhausting and constantly changing. Two years ago I would never have believed you if you told me that it wouldn't phase me to go to work with snot smeared on my shoulder. Nor would I have believed that you can live off two hours of sleep at a time for months straight. (Thank God those days are past)! I have learned a lot of the last 18 months and I have many many more years of learning. Mother's Day seems like a good time to reflect on the mother and grandmother's that have influenced me and on the things I love about being a mom. I'll start with me:

Being a mom is...

  • The best hugs and sloppiest kisses.
  • laying in bed listening to a crying baby and praying that he will fall back asleep because your husband sure isn't waking up to get him...
  • Hearing that little voice call you mama for the first time.
  • A million new reasons to love your husband.
  • Laughing at all the funny things your kid does and thinking he is the coolest person ever.
  • Being so proud of the daily accomplishments like rolling over and learning how to use a fork.
  • A reason for every stranger you pass to talk to you (and tell you how stinkin cute your kid is).
  • Reminding yourself that everyone doesn't want to hear about your birth story or about how you got peed on.
  • Praying. A lot.
  • Crying at movies like Dumbo. (Don't tell me you didn't tear up when his mom rocked him).
  • Holding a sleeping baby and thanking God for the miracle in your arms.
  • Looking at a screaming toddler and thanking God for the turd throwing himself on the floor while kicking and screaming.
  • Respecting your parents so much more.
  • Realizing the things your kid does that are so payback for your childhood.
  • Knowing that three is truly a magic number.
I have loved seeing my own mother turn into a grandmother, I have such fond memories of growing up with mine and I love it that Cian has two wonderful grandmothers as well. I saw a quote the other day that said, "Grandma's don't just say "that's nice"--they reel back and roll their eyes up and throw their hands and smile. You get your money's worth with grandmas." I thought this was so perfect! Grandmother's truly have time to listen to their grandkids and slow down when mom is too worried about getting everything done.

I would like to show some love to my mom, my Mamaw Leet, who is still alive and my Mamaw Dot who passed away when I was in high school.
Mom is...
  • The person who comes to your four hour swim meet even though you only got to swim for 40 seconds.
  • The one who worries every year that you won't have enough people at your birthday party.
  • so sure you should have made the newspaper staff and still believes in you when you don't.
  • There to bandage you and give you a kiss when you get a boo boo.
  • A gentle voice singing you a lullaby.
  • The person to call when you are at the grocery store and have no idea what to buy.
  • The voice of reason when your ideas get a little out there.
  • The voice of reason when you don't want a voice of reason.
  • Always there.
Mamaw Leet is...
  • A gentle brush running through your hair while you watch Golden Girls.
  • Pushing you on the porch swing while singing "Mr. Sandman"and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"
  • A nap together in the afternoon (whether you wanted one or not).
  • Telling you about the man in the attic to get you to go to sleep at night.
  • Pancakes waiting for you when you wake up in the morning.
  • Sitting out in the yard under a huge old tree peeling vegetables from the garden.
  • The best chocolate cake in the world
  • Sunday mornings at church.
Mamaw Dot is...
  • Little Debbies and Cokes whenever you want them.
  • Cigarettes in long cigarette holders.
  • Pretending to be surprised when you sneak up the creaky stairs and say "boo"!
  • A bell to ring when you are sick and need something.
  • A new movie or cartoon taped just for you.
  • Golf lessons.
  • White butter crackers.
  • Big birthday celebrations.
  • Oh Flit!
It is so wonderful to have such great memories and stories from my mom and grandmothers, I hope that Cian can look back on his childhood one day and feel the same way.

Happy Mother's Day!


Alya said...

This is so beautiful, Becca! You are an amazing person, and mom, and I can only imagine how reading this would make your mom, grandma and great-grandma feel. Truly Happy Mother's Day to you : )

Becca George said...

Thanks Alya! You are pretty dang awesome yourself. I can't wait to see you!

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