Second Hair Cut

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cian got his second hair cut tonight. The first time we cut his hair he looked like Loyd Christmas and this time we cut it into...wait for it...a mullet! Ok, really we only left it a mullet for two seconds, but two seconds long enough to get a picture.
Before. I would be scared if daddy were coming at me with scissors too.

Daddy getting ready to cut.

Side/back view of the mullet.

Are you just about finished?

Check out my short do guys!

It is a little shorter than I like (I was almost banned from the room for saying so and for laughing, maybe I should have started criticizing the second Steve made the first clip) but as I was very kindly reminded, it is hair and it will grown. Also, he stills looks dang cute and we won't have to cut it again for awhile. (And when I say we, I mean Steve won't have to cut it while I sit there and try to tell him how to do it).

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