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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Your sweet baby who cuddled in your arms will turn into a toddler. Shocker right? I mean we all know they are going to grow and grow and grow. (Sorry, we read I'll love you forever tonight and I cried again). What we don't realize is that they will grow another head and become a monster!

Cian is good kid and I am so not complaining despite the fact that the sentences to follow will sound like grumbles. It's just that these fits, temper tantrums if you will, come on strong and sometimes they are loud! Let me paint a picture for you; We are cruising through the grocery store and Cian sees something he wants, lets just say a balloon. He points and says "that". I say, "what"? Knowing good and well it is the bright shiny star thing hanging from the ceiling. "" "Thhhaaaatt" is the response I get. Or he will say "boon". "No, not right now," I say because I am on to him. I know that balloon will be flying up to meet Jesus the second we hit the parking lot. Then I get a screech and another "Thhhhaaaaatt" only much much louder this time. If it is a particularly good day the screeches will get progressively longer and louder until the whole dang store is looking at us thinking, "can't you control your kid lady". This is when it gets tough and thankfully I haven't had to leave the store yet though I know that day is coming. Yes, I can control my kid, kind of, but I am not going to give in just so he will stop screaming in the grocery store (or you name the place). This is rough people! I have so much sympathy for moms everywhere.

Another of Cian's toddler tendencies is to run away crying and lay his head on the couch, leaving it with a nice smear of tears and snot. If that doesn't work he will throw himself on the ground and scream and cry. I have even seen him run screaming into the corner. (Yes, he will put himself in the corner). All these are very clever tactics my young padawan but alas, I am the mom and therefore can out stubborn you. I have come to that place, I am that lady with the kid screaming or throwing himself on the ground to get what he wants. I constantly remind myself not to give in and not to give him whatever it is he wants until he stops crying. I won't lie, I have done it a couple times and then kicked myself afterward. I realize that as long as I want him to grow grow grow out of this stage I can't give in and I must listen to the cries of a child who thinks everything is "mine". After all, it just wouldn't be very cute if at sixteen he is still doing the pouty lip and throwing himself on the floor if his date doesn't want to see the movie he wants to.

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Amanda said...

haha! Yep, sounds familiar. Not exactly how Will handles his tantrums, but I can definitely sympathize. I love the pouty face, can't seem to catch those moments myself, Will runs too fast. :)

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