Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Cian was a year old I decided that I wanted to write things to him. Things like what he was doing developmentally and what our lives are like right now. Things that will help Cian to see how his life was and to remember us by when we aren't around anymore. I am not always so great at keeping up with it but I try to at least jot something down every once in awhile. This is what I wrote tonight:

It's dusk, the sunlight is fading but the balmy summer heat hasn't waned. The lightning bugs creep out of our tall grass, illuminating as they float upward. They fly away, escaping the grasp of little fingers. You point at them and squeal with delight. I watch from the front porch and can tell that you want to chase after them and catch them. I watch as you carefully bend down to examine a wildflower growing in the yard. You pick flower after flower and toss each of them into the bush. The sky is turning from blue to pink to gray. You trudge through the grass and run up and down the sidewalk. I almost can't contain the joy I feel just watching you reach skyward after a luminescent lightning bugs. I smile watching you turn around and raise both hands to say "all gone" as he gets away. Watching as you take breaks from playing to run up and give me a hug and kiss. I sigh because I know these moments are fleeting and one day you will not be my curious, loving toddler. For now, I sit back and thank God for you and this place we are in right now.

Since I don't have a photo of Cian running in the yard I thought a sweet naked baby pic would do.

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