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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am sure everyone has brushed their teeth a time or two, possibly a time or two a day. It's been an easy task since you learned how at five. Have you ever brushed the teeth of someone else? Against their will? This is not such an easy task.

I found this out from the time Cian's little toofers started coming in. When he had about four or five teeth we decided it was time to start brushing. We got a toothbrush that goes over your index finger and some baby toothpaste (without fluoride) and were ready to get those teeth clean. I started by teaching Cian to say ahhhh and open his mouth wide. (This I figured was easier than holding his mouth open). When he had his mouth open I stuck my finger in to get those front four teeth. What do you think a baby does when you stick your finger in his mouth? That's right, he bites down, hard! I am pretty sure I screamed "Owww" the first time he did this when made him laugh and want to do it again and again and every time I brushed his teeth. He bit down so hard once that I actually had a blood blister on my finger. As Cian began to get more teeth I knew this wasn't going to work so I got him his very own little toothbrush. I thought, this will be great! I put the fluoride-free toothpaste on the brush and handed it to the little man. The outcome was glorious...He loved it, and I think mainly because he just sucked off the sweet tasting toothpaste. This was great, but also posed a problem: he can't bet getting those teeth too clean if he is just sucking off the toothpaste! So, I would have to "finish up". I said, "Let mommy finish up,"and took the toothbrush from him. He did not like this! I have realized that the art of brushing someone's teeth against their will requires three arms. You need one to hold their mouth open, one to hold their swatting arms down and one to actually do the brushing. I can brush about one tooth at a time between the mouth closing and the arms knocking the toothbrush away. I tried wrapping him in a towel and holding his hands down and holding him up to the mirror so he can see. I have realized the only way to make him happy while brushing his teeth is to let him do it. Too bad he is not happy twice a day while brushing. Cian has a mouth full of teeth and getting those back one clean is not an easy task. I am dreading the day we take him to the dentist and I have to explain to them how I just don't have enough arms to effectively brush those teeth!

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mary leigh said...

I love this one!

We have the teeth brushing fight at our house too.

I take B straight out of the bath, wrap him TIGHTLY (arms in!) and lay him in the floor, then sit on him. I can effectively get to all his teeth cause he is SCREAMING! Then once I'm done, I hand him the toothbrush and the tears magically stop!!!

And Asians have weak enamel. Great! I see some fillings in this boy's future!

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