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Monday, October 11, 2010

We went to the Discovery Center last Monday for Parents and Tots. It is a cool thing they have on Monday and Tuesday mornings for pre-school age children. They have books and they sing, learn words and sounds, numbers, days of the week and they get to make a craft, have a snack and explore the center before it actually opens to the public. It was very cool, and Cian loved it! (As Steve points out, he loves anything where he can just run around and play).

We started downstairs with stories and songs and then went upstairs to see their new exhibit "Dragons and Fairies". This exhibit has a lot of history about Viet Nam. Cian was able to sit on a scooter, bang on a gong and catch some fish.

They have a grocery store esque conveyor belt downstairs that you can put fruits and vegetables on and Cian loved putting the produce on and turning the wheel. The only problem was that he called everything a "mato", even the orange! (This is the same child that calls every color and many things orange most of the time.)

There is a section for younger kids as well with things you can climb and ride on and Cian had a blast. I think this might be our new Monday or every other Monday routine!!

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