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Friday, October 22, 2010

So no, I am not getting married again but I do live eat and breathe weddings and events most of the time. Today while meeting with a bride and her mom I looked at some inspiration collages I put together for my weddings and event class this year. We were asked to design an inspiration board for a wedding in each season and then one for someone in class. This took a lot longer than I expected but turned out to be a really fun project! I wish I could do this for someone all the time!

I actually have these on foam boards at home with fabric swatches and artificial flowers pinned to them but I thought I would share a couple. I stared out by going to Hobby Lobby and picking out a piece of scrabook paper to build a wedding around. I have some photos of actual venues in Nashville on the boards that I thought would look good with the theme/decor. (Sorry SRCC of course you were my first choice of venue but I coudn't put you on every board now could I?)

Since it is currently Fall I will start with that one (A little late for this year, but good ideas for next year):

Owl-love you:

Call me country or outdated but I just love pumpkins at fall wedding. I also really like outdoor weddings in the fall, nature is so beautiful this time of year why not capitalize on that right? I think you could also have a very fabulous church wedding using the rich fall colors. I don't ever get tired of seeing the burnt orange, red and brown combo. Maybe one day I will move on from you fall but not any time soon.

Flowers! I have to admit that the ones on the top and bottom left are the flowers from my wedding. I loved them! Again, there are so many cool color combinations you can do with the fall and so many really cool flowers you can use. I am no florist so I am a fan of telling the florist "this is our color combo and these are our ideas" and letting them run with it.

I also kind of love this kelley green color right now. I have some clothes in this color so I think it is cool to let that translate to the bridesmaid dresses. I am a big fan of having different dresses for each bridesmaid lately as well. I do still love the uniform look but it's kind of fun to let each girl get a different dress for her body type.

The sweets! One of my favorite parts about each and every wedding. I still love the "candy bar" (who wouldn't, it's like access to Willy Wonka!) but a cookie bar would be a fun yet yummy way to do something different. A gooey chocolate chip cookie definitely says fall to me!

It was fun being able to look at wedding dresses for the project. Each season had different types of dresses on my inspiration boards. I wonder what my dress would be like if I did it all over again??
I love owls. (Hence the cheesy owl-love you title) Watch out because if I have a little girl her room just might be done in cute little owls. I actually really like birds right now. (Not necessarily watching or owning one but on clothes and in decor). They are in, I'm on the bandwagon. I thought it would be so cute to do a theme with little love owls. I think buttons would be an awesome favor and loved the ones at the top right with the owls on them.
There you go, a glimpse into my brain. Now go out and enjoy this awesome fall day!

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Amanda said...

I've been seeing a lot of owls lately too, they're cute! I think an owl-themed nursery would be fun, as long as there's plenty of pink :)

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