Mommy Monday: Potty Training, Day .5

Monday, January 3, 2011

Showing off his big boy undies

For a few months not I have been asking myself that question that each parent asks themselves: is my child ready for potty training? And I was totally thinking yes! Until today. Actually he might be, but I am not sure I am!

All right elmo, this is how it's done

I have read Toddler Wise and they had what seemed like an easyish way to potty train in a few days. It seemed intense but I thought we could totally do this, easy. I seemed to have forgotten that I have a very strong-willed two year old living in my house. In the book (which is great by the way) they have you and your toddler (we'll call him Cian) train with a doll (we'll call him Elmo). You and Cian take Elmo and give him a drink of something sugary that will make him have to go potty. You check a few minutes later to see if Elmo is dry. This is where it became tricky. After you see if Elmo is dry you check to see if Cian is dry and then they get a treat (we'll call them skittles) for being dry. Well, I asked Cian if Elmo was dry and he ignored me for a minute and then ran off with him saying no. I came in the living room to find them both on the couch on top of a stain. (Underwear down for the count: 1). We changed big boy undies and cleaned up the couch and and got ready to try this process again. Well, I came in to Cian's room to find him squatting. This can only mean one thing, he is dropping a bomb. (Undewear count: 2).
Kool Aid!

We changed again. We did start the process and this time I got him to check to see if Elmo and Cian were dry. They were, woohoo skittle time. The next step is to wait a few minutes and have Elmo sit on the potty and go potty. Then Cian sits on the potty. They both get a treat for going potty. Well Elmo sat and went but Cian refused to sit on his potty and ran into his room. About that time the sugary drink kicked in and he peed on the carpet. (Underwear count: 3). We changed again. We started the process again and had another accident but this time in the bathroom. (Underwear count: 4). Ok, let's try this again. This time I got him to sit on the toiled by letting him watch "Rack, Shack, and Benny" on my phone. The book said they would need to sit there for 4-10 minutes before using the bathroom. We did, and then we sat a few more--when it had been 14 minutes I let him drink some more, ok a lot more, of his kool aid. Then after about 20 minutes he peed in the potty! Yay, success! I washed his hands and changed his undies. Cian stayed in the bathroom while I cleaned up a little and when I came back Irealized I had a big time mommy fail. I took my kid off the toilet before he was finished, more pee on the bathroom floor. We changed undies again. (Underwear count: 5). I guess maybe I gave him too much to drink....

Watching "Rack, Shack, and Benny

A kids got to eat, so time for peanut butter and jelly. While I was making Cian's sandwich he went to play with his light sabers. I thought since he had just gone to the bathroom it would be ok to stay in the kitchen for five minutes. Wrong!! He peed on the living room floor. (Underwear count: 6). Sheesh! I finished lunch and put him in his chair to eat. He can't pee anymore right? Wrong, he peed in his seat, which ended up all over the floor. I would be lying if I said I didn't let him wear those peepee undies during lunch. (Underwear count: 7). After lunch is nap time so little mr. peesalot got into a diaper (with his toy story undies on over it) and got in bed. I thought 10 pair would be enough for two days, guess I will be taking a trip to Wal Mart tonight...

The aftermath

Let's see how the rest of the day goes....
I also have lots of Christmas festivities to blog about!

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