Potty Training: Day 2

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The porcelain god. That is what I have been consumed with for the last two days. I have been thinking about the potty all day long! (Don't worry, I have been doing a lot of praying to the real God for patience and progress). Fortunately, I have a much better report today. Our underwear count was only 2! Cian had an accident this morning shortly after breakfast, but after that our floors have been peepee free. (Well except for him missing the toilet). We have also watched "Rack, Shack and Benny" two and a half times today. The first time he went on the potty today we sat there for a good 18 minutes (yes, I'm precise. I kept the time by the movie). With a few breaks to get up and fight bad guys with our light sabers Cian went on the potty! After he went he yelled, "I did it"! He was so excited, and he got a big ole hand full of skittles. I had to go into work today for a bit so I took Cian to Heather's. He didn't wear a diaper on the way there or back, but he did wear one while he took a nap. I also put a diaper on him when I went to the gym but we had another good potty when we got home! I had walked out of the room to change clothes and he yelled, "I did it!" again. I am so proud of my little guy. I know what you are thinking, "my lord this girl had gone off the deep end and is blogging about bodily functions." Well you're dern right I blogging about bodily functions, this mess is hard!
Cian's potty actually looks like this one. It is a nice little throne that plays music when you pee. It hasn't actually played any of the three times he has peed though. I guess this could be because a lot of it was on the floor.

Truth be told I have been thinking about pottying for more reasons than just Cian. The Walt Disney World Marathon I am running is this weekend and I have been so worried about getting enough fluids. I am not only tracking my two year old's peepee but I am constantly thinking about mine. This keeping pee schedules is getting old. Thank goodness mine goes out the window on Sunday!

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Amanda said...

Yay for Cian! I hope the potty training continues to go well!!

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