I want a new office

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well really a computer room. Steve and I share a computer room and therfore it can't be too girly. He spends more time in there than I do right now so I guess I should listen to his opinion. The room currently has a BUNCH of furniture in it and carpet that I am sooo ready to pull up. (Have I mentioned that we have three dogs and a broken vacuum cleaner??) We are by no means ready to completely re-do this room but I can dream right? Here are some of my dreams/ideas:

My absolute favorite. I have been drooling over this desk for years and really, really want to make one. Anyone know where I can get a sweet old door like this??

(photo from theinspiredroom.net)

I really like this one because it has a double desk. Can you just see Steve and I in there backs to each other, him playing WOW and me designing some sweet wedding/party stuff??
(photos from cheyennemillwork.com)

I looove the color of the wall in this one and the boxes on the wall
(photo from photoexit.com)

I like each of these because they are more realistic to my space. Yep, that means small.
(photo from unplggd.com)

Yeah, I know this isn't exactly an office but it is really cool!

(photo from decorpad.com)

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