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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cian is taking a late nap and though I should be doing the oogles of housework I need to do I chose to search through the attic and play around on Etsy. While in the attic I came across some cute old notes Steve wrote me when we started dating. Ahhh, young love. I won't divulge what they said because I think he got embarrassed even reading them. That is not to say they were dirty, just cute. It made me smile remembering when we first started dating and how new and exciting everything was. I am so glad we started there and are right where we are in our journey together. I also found our Darth Mickey and Jedi Mickey from Disney Star Wars weekends in 2005. Score!

Perhaps my happiest find of the day were these adorable charms on Etsy from Wonderland Contraband. Just looking at them made me happy. Here were my favorites:

Nearly Headless Nick

Wesley and Buttercup


They are kind of so cute they make me squeal. I want some.

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