Mommy Monday: Bedtime Battles

Monday, February 7, 2011

I dream about a nice relaxing evening with a trip to the gym, dinner and a glass of wine, maybe some reading and going to be at my leisure. That is just a dream. Sometimes I think about my friends who do not have kids and envy their evening like this. I wouldn't give up Cian for the world and I actually like dinner with him and Steve and reading books and saying prayers with a bitty boy a lot better than the nights when it was just me but the evening bedtime battle raging in our house makes for very tedious twilight hours.

In short, my child doesn't like to sleep. I know this is crazy since he came from me and I am the one who falls asleep mid-sentence. When it is time for bed we start getting Cian ready and tell him it's time to put his jammies on. He used to get excited about this but now he just know what's coming, bedtime. We read a book and say his prayers (which is mostly me saying them and him listening) and then it is time for night-night. This is where the fun begins. I should interject here that Cian lays right down in bed for Steve. He cries for a few minutes but lays right down. If I am here he starts saying "you gotta stay me mommy,"and "don't lee me mommy" as soon as I tell him it's time for bed. At first I tried staying with him for a few minutes and singing to him and rubbing his head. This worked a few times until he decided if I was still in the room it was time to play. Yep, trying to jump off the bed and starting to get toys out.

I tried putting him in bed and asking him to keep his eyes closed for a few minutes but the second I walk out the door he jumps up and runs to the door or out it. I also tried just putting him back into bed without saying anything and walking out. He jumped up each time and ran out crying for about an hour and then turned it into a game and started laughing and running. I have tried spanking him and making him stand in the corner. I have just shut the door and let him cry for about 30 minutes but he will stand at the door beating on it and screaming for me. I have honestly resorted to sending Steve in most nights to get Cian to fall asleep. (Yep, I took the easy way out).

Bedtime tears can be frustrating and usually leave me exhausted and ready for bed. (I know, poor Steve). I am sure we will get it figured out one day, maybe by the time he's 15 Cian won't be crying for us at night...

Playing with Daddy before bed

Life is good in the morning!

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