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Thursday, February 3, 2011

So a few weeks ago I posted about my marathon in Orlando. I have not yet posted about the trip and the photos. Steve and Cian were not going down with me since we had just been in September so my friend Bonnie came. I was feeling pretty guilty about leaving Cian for an entire weekend but I was also really excited about a weekend away! I did miss him a bunch but enjoyed time as just Becca with no other responsibility. (Except to eat right and be ready to run 26 miles).

The first night we were there we went to eat with Ryan, Steve's cousin that we lived with when we were in Florida. (I will have to update some of these photos when I get them from Bonnie). We went to my favorite place, Bahama Breeze, where we used to hang out and sat on the patio. Yep, warm enough to sit on the patio. Poor Ryan got pulled over within a few feet of our hotel but got off with just a warning.

Our room at the Contemporary

The half marathoners

Saturday started off with a viewing of the half marathoners running by our hotel and a wild goose chase for discount tickets. They had tickets for a MUCH better price for the people down for the race but it turns out you had to order them before the events started on Thursday. (Which is when I got on to get them). Next time I will not procrastinate and I will save myself a benjamin. We planed out the parks we were going to and hit up Hollywood Studious first. Of course we rode Tower of Tower twice, in a row! There is a new Toy Story ride there that is awesome! We ended the night at Magic Kingdom for a couple rides. We left pretty early that night to go to dinner with my friend's Fabi and Matt and thier daughter Lauren. I knew I wanted to go to be early and eat Italian and I did both of those. (Though I don't think I fell asleep until after 11).
Yep, that's Betty White's bust...

We did play on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground

Sunday I was up at 3am and getting ready for the run. (Which I know you have ready all about). After racing I went back to the hotel and took an ice bath a shower and headed back to Epcot. We spent the entire day there on Sunday. We rode all the rides and then when it was dinner time headed back to the World Showcase for some drinking around the world. (Don't judge, I had the extra calories for the day and no baby)! The first country is Canada which we decided to skip. Labatt is not really my thing. We went to the UK next and got a Strongbow cider beer. Yum! We wandered into a gift shop that had a ton of Beatles stuff and then I spotted a stage with a Beatles looking logo on it. We wandered out and talked to a lady originally from the UK. The band ended up being so fun playing a lot of British invasion stuff so we stayed for one more cider and a bit of dancing. (It made up for what we skipped in Canada). We moved on to France next and ate some crepes and I had wine and Bonnie had Champagne. Next came Germany for a tour of wines. (All small samples of sweet white wines). Then we skipped a bunch and ended with a margarita in the last country which was Mexico. The Magic Kingdom was open until 11 that night so we had a nightcap there. By nightcap I mean a great ride on Space Mountain!

Snow White called me a princess!

Our Strongbows

Wine in France

Tour of German wine

Crazy girl antics. It was really hard to climb up on that thing with sore legs..

I had a lot of trouble sleeping on Sunday night because my legs were ANGRY at me. Every timeI would turn over I would wake myself up. We woke up early on Monday to get one last trip to the park in before our flight that evening. Animal Kingdom was our finale. For those who ran the marathon the day beofore they gave a free ticket into a park. I think they did this because they knew we would be in so much pain that we might forgo the parks. Not this girl. Thankfully I didn't really start hurting until midway through the day and at that point we had seen everything and it had started pouring so we couldn't get on any rides. (Thank God for small blessings). The storm that was bringing 5-7 inches of snow brought lots of rain to Florida. We were pretty worried that our flight wouldn't go into Chattanooga but it was one of the only two flights from the Sanford airport that went in. (Again, thank God for small blessings).

This brings me to the funniest story of the trip, the one where we got the cops called on us. Yep, delinquints. Our hotel had a free shuttle to the Orlando airport but we had flown into the Sanford airport so we had to search for a shuttle that wasn't $120. We found a guy and he picked us up and trucked us the 30-40ish minute trip. (I couldn't get any of my friends to pick me up because it was a Monday and they were all working). On the way he told us about his five kids and that he was the owner of the transfer company. When we got there he helped us out and we paid him. We paid him the fare and not a tip. (Again, don't judge me). We didn't tip him for two reasons, a. he is the owner and what he makes is pure profit for him and b. that was all the cash we had left. Well we got through security and were waiting in line for food when Bonnie gets a text from our cab driver saying that he gave us a "great" deal expecting we would tip at least twenty percent and we owed him $20 for his tip. I would like to point out that 20 percent of our fare was not $20 but $14. Bonnie text him back to say that a tip was not guaranteed (servers cringe here) and that he was the owner and this was not a professional way to run your business. He called her 21 times after this. Not exaggerating. He text her some more and said he called the cops because we had underpaid him. I thought this was a load of bull because what cop would waste their time with this but sure enough two cops came walking our way. Holy crap, serously??

We filled out police reports and it ended with the fact that our fabulous driver would have to take it to small claims court which would cost more than the $20 ($14) we "owed" him. Obviously this guy didn't think about the fact that we would show the cops the text messages and ridiculous amount of phone calls. They told us that he had even written down the amount he charged us and tried to change it. Pretty funny that our trip ended with a run in with the law.

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