Snow Day

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It is little hard to write about this since it was 60 degrees yesterday but last week we had a snow day. We have actually had quite a few this winter (and I am a bit ashamed of this) but this was the first one in which I have taken Cian out to play. The others I was either at work or we were trying to travel to/from Chattanooga.

Cian doesn't actually have any snow boots so I did what any resourceful parent would do and tied plastic grocery sacks on his feet. (This is the greenest use I have found for them yet). He did NOT like this. It was really hard getting him dressed to go out because he didn't understand why he had to stop playing with his Star Wars toys and put two layers of clothes on and bags on his feet.

He was a little nervous at first walking on the white stuff because he thought it would be "sliperly" but after I showed him we could run around he loved it. He was watching the dogs run and then wanted me to run to a spot and he would run after me. He yelled "yun" and I would take off. Once I got there he would laugh and come running after me.

The sun came out and melted the snow and I had to go to work but we had fun playing in it.
The sun is in my eyes mom..

Arwen an Abby taking a break to stand on the picnic table

Figuring out our next move

Abby, Speedy and Arwen

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