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Thursday, February 17, 2011

In case you haven't noticed, we are raising a Star Wars geek. There, I said it. Cian loves Star Wars. He has all these figures that he will play with forever and he never leaves home without a light saber. He also wants to wear his Star Wars shirt over his button up shirts to church every Sunday. He wears them so much that a couple weeks ago when I dropped him off one of the guys in the nursery asked me if he had a Star Wars shirt on. It's becoming somewhat of a signature.

This weekend we went to Chattanooga to visit my parents and celebrate all the birthdays that have happened since Christmas. My aunt asked me what to get Steve and I suggested Star Wars legos. (He has wanted them for as long as we have been dating and still reminds me about the Millennium Falcon that we didn't buy that is now worth $1,000). When he opened them he was so surprised and excited. In fact, he decided that when we got back into town he would use the money he got for his birthday from my parents to buy legos that he and Cian could play with together. So we trekked our little family out to Toys-R-Us for a lego finding adventure.

You have to understand something about Steve, he loves his geek toys and I knew this was not going to be quick, easy in and out trip. We looked at a few different sets that came with huge ships but Cian was carrying around one with four little clone troopers the entire time. Steve finally decided on a set and we asked Cian to put his clone troopers up. Oh man, all hell broke loose. He actually threw himself down in the aisle at the store. Fun times.

Well we did what any good parent would do and gave in to the screaming toddler. I have to justify this by saying, we never do this. Also, Steve was buying the toys so he and Cian could play together not so Steve could play with a big ship and Cian could watch him. We decided it would be better to get the smaller ones so Cian could play too. So we made him calm down and say please and them we gave in. (Yep, hanging head in shame).

When we got home I cooked dinner while the boys put together their new toys. They had so much fun! And Cian has asked to play with his "clone trooper, little ones" every day when we get home.

Cian with his beloved Clone troopers

This was the first picture we tried to take. Cian is getting up because he threw himself on the ground again...

Boys and toys...

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