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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ok not a typical day but a typical day off work. I am off on Sunday and Monday so I have one day off with the other 80% of the working world and then a day to get stuff finished. I actually love my Monday's off. I can go shopping when there isn't a huge crowd, I can go to some things for parents and toddlers during the week and during the summer I can hit up the pool when it isn't as crowded.

Here is a typical Monday with a wild child boy depicted by photos (and some commentary):

Wake up, eat and play with toys. it is so fun to listen to him pretend with his toys and have them talk to each other. Most of the time they just say "I got you down" because most of the time they are in some sort of duel.

The aftermath of a battle

After playing and running errands it is time for some pool action. It is so stinkin hot that if we are going to be outside the water is the best way to face it. It is also a good way to ensure Cian will take a nap. Yep, I have ulterior motives.

You really work up an appetite swimming so some chicken tenders (and a slush) from Sonic are a must. The only downfall is that there might be a few sets of dog eyes watching you. This is the "Mom, they are trying to eat my chicken" face. If you are lucky one of the dogs will snatch a chicken tender and you won't have to eat as much.

Nap time is a must, even if someone insists they are not tired. That someone is never me. I can always manage to fall asleep. After nap time anything goes, we might just turn into pirates.

Pirates can't have fun all the time, the evening is for going to the gym, dinner, baths and all that fun necessary stuff. I love my Monday's with my little man!

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