Tummy Tuesday: 30 Weeks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday marked 30 weeks. I feel like this means we are getting really close! Just 10 short weeks to go before I am the mother of two babies. Isla is growing and all the third trimester side effects are taking hold. The ones like being tired again (mainly from not being able to find a comfortable position), swelling, yay and constant urination. Steve said I talk about peeing a lot, maybe that is so because I have an almost potty trained kid in the house and I just happen to pee all the dang time. In this trimester the peeing is from a certain tiny baby someone pressing down on your bladder.

I am notorious for sneezing and peeing on myself (as I have mentioned). This is one of my lovely talents. the other day Cian and I were sitting on the couch and I sneezed. Well a little dribble of pee came out, nothing crazy. Then I felt another sneeze coming on. This I knew meant full on urination was following closely. As the sneeze started coming I

jumped up and ran for the bathroom leaving trail of pee in my wake. I started cleaning myself up and Cian busted in the door with his arms crossed and in an "I'm getting someone in trouble" look on his face. He promptly projected, "who peed?" A moment of semi-panic struck. How do you explain to a two year old who gets in trouble for peeing his pants that you just peed your pants? He said, "Did Speedy pee?" I was very tempted at this moment to blame that urine spot on the couch on our poor unsuspecting dog. The easy way out parent in me said, do it but the good parent said no, you gotta fess up to weak bladder. At this point I just told him, "nope, mommy peed".

Just about that time Steve came in to see the wet trail leading to the bathroom. With a bit of chucking he explained to Cian that mommy peed in her pants because she has a baby in her belly. Now why didn't I think of that? He seemed to accept this and went on about his business. The minor panic had been for nothing. I went on about cleaning up our floor and couch and reminded myself to go to the bathroom every five minutes whether I felt I needed it or not.

30 weeks (yes, there is a stain on my dress)

30 weeks with Cian

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Bonnie Nelson said...

haaa haa haaa. You made my morning.

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