Tummy Tuesday: 32 weeks

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

32 weeks. That means 8 weeks to go. Did you just say 8 weeks, two months?? I better get busy on getting ready for this little chick to join the George's. At this point she will have a bassinet to sleep in, clothes to wear and boy receiving blankets to be wrapped in. The essentials are here so we are good right? (Poor second child). I have a couple showers next weekend so we are planning to start her room the following weekend. Provided she doesn't show up super early we should be finished.

If I was smaller with this pregnancy for awhile I have totally caught up in the last few weeks. I feel like I have doubled in size and I think I am definitely close to where I was with Cian. I love feeling Isla moving around a lot and knowing she is safe in there but I do not love the quick 6lb weight gain or the "You must be ready to pop" comments. Yes, I do look like I could give birth any day now but I still have two months to become even more enormous so please don't remind me of just how big I am getting. At least this time I do know that the weight can be lost. I also know that my stomach will still never be the same and in fact, might be worse off than before. That is totally worth it (most of the time). What I don't know is what it will be like to try to exercise with two kids in tow instead of one (double jogging stroller here I come). Will I be able to get up and run at the crack of dawn like I do now? Can I run another marathon next year? I know for the the first few weeks/months I will be too much of a zombie to even think about losing sleep for exercise but I also know that my family will fall into a new normal and a new routine faster than I can imagine.

For now, I am just trying to exercise to curb the weight gain from the 500lbs of candy and sweets I am eating. I am also trying to enjoy the last months of feeling a child in my stomach and being a vessel for the life that God is molding and preparing. The kicks and rolls and punches going on in my belly mean a baby girl getting ready to meet the world and her family. I can't wait to meet her but I don't want to rush her. Despite the fact that I can't sleep though the night and can't bend over or balance myself while shaving I am enjoying knowing that my little girl is getting close to coming home. This could be the last time I experience pregnancy so I don't want to skip this phase but cherish it.

32 weeks with Isla

32 weeks with Cian

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