Hallmark Moments Between the Milestones Tour

Sunday, August 21, 2011

About a month ago I got an e-mail from Hallmark about my blog. I initially thought, me, are you sure you have the right Becca George? I mean my mom doesn't even read my blog on a regular basis! But they had details from my blog, this very blog, so that kind of confirmed that they meant me. Anyway, they were inviting me to something called Hallmark's Moments Between the Milestones tour. It is a tour to promote their "Life is a Special Occasion" tagline. Showing that it's not just the big things but the every day things that are moments to be treasured. I was really excited to be able to go

The event was in the morning in downtown Nashville. I have trouble getting to work seven minutes away on time so I knew Nashville might be a challenge. Amazingly I left with plenty of time and didn't hit any traffic until I got to downtown. I actually passed the diner where the event was with about five minutes to spare. Then I was presented with a small hurdle, parking. I parked safely at a meter on the street and realized that I didn't have any cash to feed it. I contemplated risking a ticket so I could be on time somewhere for once but decided that might not be the smartest move. I got back in my car and headed for the closest parking garage. I might add that these parking garages have to bring in what Disney does for parking in a day. Their sign may as well have said your first born child under the price. Ok, well maybe not that steep but it was $12 to park for two hours. Holy rip off batman.

Once out of my car I headed to my destination. I was greeted by a very upbeat guy and a very yummy looking breakfast. They sure do know the way to a pregnant ladies heart! They also gave us a t-shirt and a card with some of the key words we use on our blog. There was a photographer and two writers from Hallmark there to speak to us. They had made a video with moments from each bloggers life and showed us the video. (It was super cool and is posted below). We heard moments from each one of the speakers and then we were able to tell a special moment of our own. I contemplated on telling something mushy or sweet but then decided on something closer to real life, Cian's potty training setback. Yep, I told a room full of strangers about peeing all over myself. We were able to spend some time with the photographer and the two writers. It was really cool to listen to each of them. We did a writing exercise, which will show up on the blog very soon.

It was so awesome to be around a room full of creative women and to spend some time focusing on writing and exercises. I was a creative writing minor in college and that is what I have wanted to do since third grade so it was nice to be forced to focus on writing. There were a lot of great bloggers there (I know because I blog stalked them when I got home). After reading their blogs it left me inspired to spend more time on mine. I mean, they were all kind of a big deal and little ole me was just happy to be counted in their ranks.

There was some Q&A and then it was time to go home. The event was two hours and I was honestly sad it was over! They did't send us home empty handed, we left with a bunch of cool stuff! I mean I am stocked on Hallmark stuff. I would love to spend more time with the blogging community and build my blog more. I guess that will go on the to do list...


Jennifer Burtram said...

I really am teary-eyed right now. ...and pretty jealous too! What a unique opportunity you were blessed with! Thanks for blogging about this. It has re-inspired me to keep writing. Thanks friend.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I enjoyed meeting you at the Hallmark event. What fun! We all need to get together again soon!

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