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Monday, August 15, 2011

We were busy busy bees last weekend moving our bedroom from the old room to what used to be our computer room. Our house is not very big, ok it is downright small. I love our little house, I love that it is us and that it is the first house we bought after we were married, it is where we brought Cian home and now it will be the house where Isla will come as well.

Our house is a two bedroom that could be (and now is) a three bedroom. It was build in the 50's so there is not a whole lot of closet space. What did people do then?? Our clothes are in the closets in Cian and Isla's room and the one in our computer room has some of Cian's clothes, a dresser, games and miscellaneous stuff. The good thing about not having storage (or closet space) is that it makes us have to downsize. Either that or we have one messy house.

We didn't just move the room but took that time to get rid of some stuff and re-organize the closets that had become kind of a mess. We also took the changing table out of Cian's room and put up a new organization thing (technical term) for his toys. It was time for that table to leave him room, he only used it to climb up on these days. We did the moving and setting up over the course of two days so the night between our house was a disaster! We tried to make this fun by all sleeping on the couches and letting Cian sleep on a futon that as thrown in the living room. We had a family sleep over and watched a movie in response to our house being in disarray.

Cian sleeping on the futon

New organizer for toys

Yet again I failed at blogging and didn't take photos during the process but here is the finished product (well finished for now):

We still have work to do like painting, getting some pillows and an area rug and eventually laying down new floors. I also want to refinish the vanity and dresser. All those will have to wait until Isla's room is finished!!

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Amanda said...

Very exciting! Moving everything around is a lot of work but it's so much fun knowing it's because you're making room for a new little baby!

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