Chattanooga Weekend

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A few weeks ago when we went to Chattanooga Normalpalooza was not all we did.  In fact, I packed the weekend full of activity.  We started with visiting my grandmother at the nursing home (twice) spent time with Grumpa, went to Laine's for a girls night (I forgot my camera that night) and ended with going to the Chattanooga Market.  Here is our weekend in photos with a few words.

 Let's face it, nursing homes are depressing.  There are a bunch of old people sitting around in wheelchairs just staring into space.  (I might be one of of those old people one day).  This is why I try to go visit my grandmother every time we go to Chattanooga.  Please come visit me when I am the one sitting and staring into space.  Also, bring wine.  The people there do light up when kids come in.  Cian loves to go say hi to all of them and they all made such a big deal about little Isla.

 See, you gotta kiss your mamaw while you still can.  My Mamaw is one of those people who has always said exactly what is on her mind, whether it was nice or not.  She didn't even say "bless your heart" afterwards.  When I had Cian she told me she was afraid I couldn't take care of him.  Thanks for the boost of confidence, I was secretly afraid the same thing.  That being said, she did awesome things too like make pancakes when we spent the night and let us sit in her living room and watch Golden Girls before going to bed.  She would brush my hair while we watched.  She is probably the only person that could comb my ratty hair out so gently that I didn't scream bloody murder.

 See the lady in the red sweater behind Mamaw?  She wanted to escape.  No really, she said, "you have to let me out of here."  They said she wasn't all there but I can't blame her.

 This is where Cian would sit all weekend while watching Batman with Grumpa.  He would also stay in his jammies if I'd let him.

 As Cian would say, "you have boff kids."  When we are in Chattanooga Cian will not let Grumpa take a break.  This kid is non-stop wanting to play with him. He didn't even want to let him take a break and hold Isla.

  Ben and Bonnie, my brother and sister-in-law, went with us on day two to visit Mamaw.  No sign of the red sweater lady, I wonder if she made her escape??

 Four generations of girls.  If we all turn into our mother's does this mean Isla will eventually turn into Mamaw Leet?

 Checking out the fire truck at the Chattanooga Market.  This is a really cool flea market type thing set up in an indoor pavilion.  There are artists, crafts, food and music.  I bought a really cute headband while we were there and Liane bough the cutest baby hat.

Laine and my cousin Wendy.  I love these girls!!  I am so thankful to have family and friends and to spend a fun weekend with them.

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