Graciously Authentic

Thursday, December 1, 2011

If you are a Christian woman, or even if not, how many times have you looked at other women and wondered if they really have it as together as they seem to?  I think a conception of Christians is that we pretend to be perfect and will judge you if you are not.  I know I have felt that way many times and refrained from being myself around certain people with the fear that they will judge me.  How many times have you wanted to really, openly talk about something that is truly going on in your life with another Christian (or a Christian) and not done it because you were afraid they would send you straight to the pits of Hell with their eyes or words.  (Ok, so they can't really do that but that disapproving look sure is uncomfortable).

Well, my friend Kristen started a blog where women can talk, real talk, about what is going on in their lives.  Yes, it is faith based and all about grace and the love of Christ but it keeps it real.
The blog is called Graciously Authentic and I think it is a wonderful place to read about some of the same things you might be feeling but don't feel like you can express out loud for whatever reason.  My friend Emily is also a contributor, she and Kristen are two of the most loving people I know and I can learn a lot from them.  I highly recommend checking it out because I think we can all benefit from the wisdom of all the ladies involved.

WARNING: Shameless plug.  You also might get to read something by little ole me.  In fact, a blog I wrote a few weeks ago on marriage was published there.  You can check it out if you wanna.

I hope you are blessed as much as I am by their wisdom.

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