Two Months Old

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

 Baby girl you are two months old today!  We went to the doctor last Friday and you are definitely a growing bean.  This is where you measure:

weight: 9lbs 12oz (28th percentile)
length: 22 1/2 inches (63rd percentile)
head: 37 3/4 cm (30th percentile)

Right now you are long and lean, it would be nice for you if you stay that way!  Judging by your mom and dad and your brother so far that is doubtful.  Here are some things about your second month:
  • You are an absolute sweetie. You smile and coo and try to talk to us.
  • You do NOT like to be kept up after your bedtime.  You get really cranky at night when you are ready for bed.  
  • You go to sleep between 10-12 and sleep until 4:30-6.  This is awesome.  Your brother never slept this well, he still doesn't.
  • You can still wear most of your newborn clothes but are staring to grow into zero to three.  You have started wearing size one diapers.  I am a little sad because my tiny tiny baby girl is growing.  I am really glad you are healthy though.
  • You love to move and grove.  You kick kick kick your feet around and move your arms.  It is pretty darn cute.  I can't wait until you can join Cian and I for dance parties.
  • I am pretty sure you are the cutest little girl I have ever seen.  You may not be to everyone else (they are blind) but you are to mommy and daddy.
  • Your brother is still super smitten with you and loves to rub you cheek and give you kisses.  If you don't mess up his toys he may always be this nice to you.  I won't count on that though.
  • You are getting pretty good at holding your head up, you have less head than your brother so you have it easy.

One Month                                                                                      Two Months
I love watching you grow and I know you are going to do so much more growing during your first year.  Hopefully you won't stop there cause you would be really short.  It makes me a little sad to see you grow because I know that I am slowly losing my sweet baby.  I am holding you so close and rocking you and singing to you because all too soon you will be a big girl and won't let mommy do those things.  I love and cherish each moment with you, my Isla Kate.

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