Thanksgiving Festivities

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In our family we do an every other year thing for Thanksgiving. We don't try to rush around to both parent's houses and stuff ourselves beyond belief.  We can stuff ourselves at one person's house well enough.  This yer we spend the holiday and the weekend with Steve's parents.  He had family that came down from St. Louis and in from Birmingham and we hung out with them.  We had cookies, roasted marshmallows, watched movies and the boys played sports and games.  When it comes to hanging our with Steve's family it is guaranteed to be loud and involve some making fun of each other.  It also means a good time will be had by all.
Raise your hand if you are adorable!

Maggie, Logan and Isla

One tired dude

bonfire and roasting marshmallows

Cian and Will are best buddies

Taryn, Autumn and Olivia

 The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to Chattanooga to see my family.  We just went down for the day and had dinner at my cousin Wendy's house. We went over early to decorate her tree.  I missed most of the decorating because Isla was hungry right as tree trimming began.  (She was conveniently hungry both weekends as it was time do to the dishes.)  When it comes to hanging out with my family there is guaranteed to be laughter and wine.  Also good times!!

Ben, Bonnie, Wendy, me, Steve, Isla, Cian, Grumpa and Meme

Matching shirts compliments of Bonnie Nelson

Cian was mad and hiding and this is how we found him

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robbie said...

Cian's hiding spot is awesome. I'm not sure how you guys ever found him.

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