One Month Old

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Isla is one month old!  Two weeks ago...

So she is actually six weeks old right now but the photos are from when she is a month old.  At least I got that at the right time.

My little one month old is so sweet.  She has started smiling which completely  melts my heart.  I love to see that toothless smile looking at us.  She gets an upset stomach sometimes and seems to be the queen of spit up.  She loves to be bundled and held and sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and cries just so I will pick her up and let her sleep on my chest.  She started sleeping between 4-6 hours in a row which is a complete blessing!  She gets mad and fussy at night when there is a lot going on and she wants to sleep but can't.  We have to take her to a quiet room and calm her down then let her fall asleep.  This is a little different from Cian who just wanted/wants to be awake and in the middle of the action. Her big brother loves her very much and still wants to give her kisses all the time and hold her.  When asked what he thought about his little sister he said she was beautiful.  (If you didn't say aww at that you might have a Grinch sized heart.)

The last month (and two weeks) has been wonderful.  I am starting to need less Coke Zero during the day and I feel like I am a normal person again.  This happened so fast.  I am a little sad that my tiny tiny newborn is getting bigger every day and is now an infant.  I know all too soon she will be running around the house too.  I am savoring each and every coo, smile and cry because this could be the last time I get to do this with one of my own children.  Baby Isla Kate, I am so blessed to be chosen as your mommy.

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