First Bath

Monday, December 19, 2011

Before you start thinking that it took us almost two months to give Isla her first bath I should set you straight.  It only took one month and she has had another one since then.  We are going with the old tradition of bathing once a month.  That works right?

Actually she has only had two baths but we have sponged her off a few times and the gross bits get cleaned about 8 times a day.  Yep, that was me justifying my lazy parenting.  The worst part about my laziness is that she loved her bath!  I mean she was smily and didn't even mind when water got in her face.

Steve was bathing Cian in the bathtub and I took Isla to the sink, divide and conquer.  I was a bit worried that her reaction would be screaming and she would morph into mad baby but I was pleasantly surprised.  Cian is exactly the opposite.  While I bathed miss smiles I could hear mr. over dramatic screaming in the bathtub for a towel to wipe the water out of his eyes.  (I have to fess up that he gets this from me, I have to wipe the water off my face  and out of my eyes while I am in the shower.  Don't act like you don't have your crazy quirks.)  Cian has hated the bathing part of baths from the beginning and still won't put his face underwater.  It looks like Isla will be our little water baby.

Loving the water

Happy Girl!

Who doesn't love baby fee?  The warning label is quite nice as well.

I think maybe we will go for bath number three today...

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