Monday, February 13, 2012

This week Isla had a first.  No, no boyfriends allowed for another twenty years.  We fed her cereal for the first time. We decided to start with Lucky Charms.  Babies can digest magical deliciousness right?  Well...we really started with rice cereal.  If you haven't ever fed a baby cereal, it is nothing like the Wheaties we eat to stay strong. This stuff is flaky and if you sneeze it will spread all over your kitchen.  You mix milk with it and it can be anywhere from soupy to an oatmealy substance.  It seems kinda bland but I guess breast milk is all you have so far so it is a step up.  (Not on the days I eat cupcakes though...)

 She did really well and seemed to really like it.  She was still trying to suck like she was drinking from a bottle but she kinda got it.  Then I could not feed her fast enough!  She was mad when it took me too long to get the spoon to her mouth.

 The next day we fed her Cian had to get in on the action and help out.  He lost interest after this one spoonfull.

Well I guess our little girl had one more thing that can be added to her dinner options.  This officially means she has options.

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