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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A lot of you might know that a friend and I started a wedding planning company last year.  We started it in June but didn't officially launch until September.  We are both still at our full time jobs but are having fun doing this on the side.  Our company is Modern Vintage Events.  We got a lot of flack about the name at first but I really think it suits us.

We did a bridal show last September as our launch.  We booked a sweet sweet bride for New Year's Eve and had a great time doing the show. 

Our booth

Flowers from Vickie at Branching Out
 We did our second bridal show this month and hopefully it will generate some weddings!
Our booth, 2012

We gave away buttons in the booth

Flowers from Rickey Minder at Ode Floral
We are really excited about what this year will bring for us. We have three weddings booked so far and 10 is our goal.  You can check out our website here, and blog here.  Keep checking the modern vintage blog for fun parties and weddings!

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