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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wanna see what the George family is wearing these days?  I thought so.  So I am still in an in between stage where I am not pregnant but not into all (or most) of my old clothes.  I just gave away my maternity pants with the exception of my leggings so that I would quit hanging onto them as a crutch. It is time to ditch the elastic waist and go for something with a button fly before I find myself on a season of biggest loser.

What little girl's outfit is complete without a big ole' bow?  This dress also has matching bloomers.  I am a sucker for the matching bloomers.  The socks are shoe socks, I still can't get enough of these!  Both the dress and socks were a gift and I added a gerber onesie since the dress is sleveless.

Doesn't Cian look just a little crazy in this picture?  You should have seen the demon child one I took before this.  I promptly deleted it.  Everything he has on is thrifted, it is so nice being a kid!  You can find all kinds of cool and cute stuff for them without spending a fortune.  I love checking Once Upon a Child.  Hand-me-downs are also a nice perk.  Please notice his dingy socks.  They are that way because he wore them two days in a row.

This is one of my favorite transition outfits.  The leggings are maternity from Motherhood that I have been wearing since I was pregnant with Cian.  They are getting a hole in them so we may have to part ways soon.   I put a polka dot tank top under a sheer shirt from Forever 21 and wore a light cardigan from Kohl's over it.  My headband is the best part and it came from the Chattanooga Market.  Since this was a casual day I was sporting my corduroy Toms.  (I promise I have other shoes.)  I feel like this is very forgiving of what is left of the baby belly.  I really appreciated that the first few weeks after birth.

I threw in a bonus photo because it was too cute.  I am not one for matchy matchy usually but Cian wanted to dress like his dad!  We were at Wal Mart and saw the Boba Fett shirt Cian has on and he really wanted to get one just like his dads.  It just so happened they both had cords as well.

And that's what we're wearin' folks.

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