Four Months Old

Monday, February 27, 2012

 My sweet baby Isla is four months old now!  She is growing so so much and I am surprised at how fast time is passing me by.

To my baby girl,
  • You are such a little sweetie.  You love to be held and cuddled.  This might be because I hold you and cuddle you all the time.  Hey, this is the last time I get to do that with my own baby.
  • You have really found your hands and feet.  You love to hold your hands together and when I come get you out of your crib in the morning you are usually playing with those little piggie toes.
  • Speaking of crib, we moved you to your crib (finally) this month.  I waited until four months because I liked being able to just lean over the bed to your bassinet and put your pacifier back in your mouth when you started waking up.  It was my laziness (or enjoyment of sleep) that kept you in our room an extra month.
  • You learned to blow bubbles with your moth and are making the motor boat sound all the time.  It is ridiculously adorable.
  • You are giggling and full out laughing now.  I love to tickle you and make you laugh.  Baby laughter is actually good for the soul and I hear it can cure any bad day.
  • You still hate to lay on your stomach and I can only get at good two minutes at a time before you turn into mad baby. (This is similar to Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk but without the turning green part.)
  • You still love to sit up!  I think you like watching the world from the same position as everyone else. You can lean into your legs and stay sitting up for a second but that usually results in a topple over. (Don't worry, we only do this on the bed and where one of us can catch you.)
  • You love to clasp your hands together and chew on your fingers.  You are drooling a lot so some little teeth must be getting themselves ready.
  • Cian has started calling you baby Islie (eye-lee).  It might be the nickname that sticks.
  • Your smile is amazing and I love how you smile and Steve and I when you see us.  I am so glad I am your mommy!

We had a little help with our photo session this month.  Cian really liked getting on the photos with Isla and then wanted to see them as soon as we took them.

Hugging the owl
My two babes


Steve Finnell said...
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Bonnie Nelson said...

Cian is so helpful! It's crazy how much they're looking alike every month.

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