Little Dream House

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I spend a lot of time talking about finding a "little dream house".  I look online a lot to try to find houses that are my dream homes to live in.  Now, I am not talking Rodeo Drive or even Main Street Murfreesboro, (though Cherry Lane remains in my dreams) I am talking about an attainable (one day) sized house. Like maybe this one:

Photo from here
A craftsman house is my dream one day.  One day.

I apologize for how small my house is and sometimes find myself complaining about how we have outgrown it.  These things feel true when you have four people and three dogs, one of which is the size of a person, living in an 1100square foot house. The real truth is that I love our little house.  I love the way we have decorated most of it.  I love the hand-me-down (let's call it antique) furniture that has meant something to our families as well as us.  I have come to realize that it is really a little dream house.  Maybe not because of giant rooms or a completely renovated kitchen but it is a dream house because:

  • It is my first home with my husband.  The place we grew our life together.  The place we started our family.
  • It is a home where we (Steve) learned to lay laminate floors, put in surround sound, paint with the correct kind of paint, for instance, flat does not work on doors and trim and semi-gloss shows all kinds of imperfections.  It is where we learned to take down seven layers of wall paper, how to catch a mouse, how to paint stripes (Steve)
  • It is a dream because we brought our first baby here and began life as we know it.  We walked through that front door a changed family.  We learned so much here about each other and how to be parents. We are still learning so much under this roof.
  • It is a dream house because we watched that baby grow and learn to crawl, sit, walk and eventually talk, pretend and use the potty. (The one was big people!)  There is a blood stain on the shower curtain from Cian's head being busted open, and a food stain on the ceiling from who knows what.
  • It is a dream house because we walked through those doors a second time a changed family as we brought our little girl home.  It is where she is growing and changing. Where she got her first bath, and laughed for the first time.  
  • Our backyard holds memories of running and playing and barbeques with family.
  • This is a dream house because Steve and I have been through tough times as a couple and have pulled through them. We have always come home to this little dream house.
  • This is a dream house because there is love here.
I have to remind myself that I am blessed with the walls of this house.  I am blessed to have a roof over it and so much love inside.  Because I am blessed with our sweet little house I am going to give you a tour over the next few days/weeks.  Yes, that means I will have to clean it first.  We will start with the front since I don't have to dust it...

My Little Dream House

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