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Monday, March 12, 2012

A few weeks ago we went to Chattanooga and went to the Creative Discovery Museum.  This is like the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro but on steroids.  I think they are actually in the same family.

We got there and there was this huge ship playground built into the wall.  The water play was all around it and Cian and Grumpa had a great time pulling the levers (can't help it, I'm a born lever puller) and making the water spray.  Yes, Yellow Submarine reference was needed.

On this ship, they had a spot where you could be the captain.  Cian didn't man his post very long and we crashed into an iceberg.

There were so many stations but we went to the "art" area next.  They had this chalk that was safe for them to "piant" their faces with.  Cian applied some Indian war paint and was ready for battle with any bratty two year old that might come our way.

Cian and Grumpa learned how to play the harp.  It was like angels singing from heaven...Uhh, fallen angels?
In this section there was a huge sand pit that kids could sit in and dig for fossils.  Cian seemed really excited about getting in it so we took his shoes off and he ran over.  The excitement faded when his feet hit that gritty sand.  He seemed unsure that he could walk on it and he just sat on the side putting his fee on it.  He kept standing up like he was going to try again but decided against it.  I wonder what the beach will be like this summer?

We went upstairs and the had more pulleys and levers on the roof.  We put Cian in this swing and I went over to pull him up.  This thing was harder than it looked, I felt like I was pulling an 80lb kid up!  My parents were laughing at me until they gave it a try.  It was rigged so you couldn't just let it go and send them flying down.

Isla was enjoying the entire thing from my Moby wrap.  When she wasn't napping this is how she looked.

They had an exhibit called "Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China" and there was this theater with some costumes.  Naturally Cian had to put one of the hats on and Grumpa had to do it with him.  The two put on quite the show, I think we have some thespians on our hands.  Cian was walking around singing "Welcome to the dance show" over and over.  That was the only line in the song and consequently the play.

When we saw these bee things I knew Cian had to wear one, whether he wanted to or not.  He did want to wear the "buzzle beezle" costume. There was a worker, drone and queen bee.  He chose to be the queen bee.  This was him flying like a bee.

We had a really fun time!  I am kind of glad our museum isn't this big because I don't think I could hang with the Creative Discovery Museum on a regular basis. I was ready for a nap!  Well, come to think of it most Monday's after the Discovery Center I am ready for a nap too...

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