Little Dream House: Cian's Room

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bedding: Pottery Barn (thanks Megan!), Chinese lanterns: World Market, Rug and window treatments: thifted
 Moving on in our little dream house, we will visit Cian's room.  This room is rumored to have many ghosts, bad guys and even a bad elephant, though I am told the elephant was just "pretender" to be a bad elephant.  Cian's room transitioned well from baby boy room to big boy toddler room.

Frames: Hobby Lobby, wall clings: Uppercase Living, toy bin: Target
 I would love to say that I picked the jungle theme just for my little monkey but I picked it because we got a used jungle bedding set at a really good price. Therefore, jungle fever hits the George home.  We painted Cian's room with stripes, the first time we had attempted stripes and I loved the way it turned out!  I spent a lot of time looking for just the right things to go on his walls.  It took me three years to put photos into the frames.  No joke.

When we got him a big boy bed we needed some big boy bedding and luckily my friend Megan had just redone her boy's room.  We got some pretty sweet bedding from her and it matched Cian's room perfectly!!

 The bed, ah the bed.  I looked forever to find the perfect bed for Cian.  I finally found
 a bed one afternoon when I was out shopping with Cian.  We bought it and went to load it into the car.  Alas, it would not fit with the seat up and a carseat in the back.  What did I do you ask?  Well I put Cian's seat in the front and drove home with the bed in the back, at two miles an hour.  You think I'm kidding...

The other thing about the bed is that Cian doesn't like it.  He will tell you, "I don't like my bed," in this nasaly Cian voice.  Then he will come up with all kinds of reasons.  The elephant below is the bad one.  Or at least he pretends to be bad.
One does not simply walk into Mordor and one can not have too many clone trooper masks.

This is a small  part of Cian's collection of "little toys" or Legos.  Inside that Star Wars lunchbox are a ton of little Lego people.  That is Cian's "tool box" and he had a point where those things were all he would talk about and play with.

Why is this room a little dream room?  It has been a tent and a fort.  It is where I tuck my little guy in at night and we say prayers and sing "homeback" (Golden Slumbers).  It is where we have ready many books and practiced counting and ABCs. It is the home to many toys and many hours of playing with toys.  I wonder if these guys come alive when we aren't there?  It is the room where fears are calmed and hugs and kisses are in abundance.  It is the room where I lay my first baby down in his crib and nursed him in the middle of the night.  It is the first room we decorated for the baby that would make me a mother and capture my heart with his first little breath.

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