Little Dream House: The Living Room

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome back to my little dream house.  Today is the living room.  The walls were already painted green when we moved in and so was the ceiling!  In this case pea green is a good thing.

The TV stand that Steve so desperately wants to replace is actually an old color tv.  It was my dad's growing up and was one of the first color tvs in Chattanooga.  (They won it, we aren't that privileged.)  It is now housing many cords, some remotes to game consoles and a video camera.  The coffee table belonged to Steve's family friend Jeff who passed away when we were in college.  I used to tell him how much I liked it when we went to his apartment.  The end table was my grandparents as well.
Our couches were Bill and Karen's.  They normally have sheets draped over the slip covers to keep the pounds of dog hair off the couch. I do realize the slipcovers are wrinkly.  Ironing them didn't make the to do list.  The table in the corner belonged to Steve's great aunt.
This canvas is my favorite thing about the room.  Cian was about 18 months old when we had these photos made and I absolutely love having this on our walls.  I hope one day there will be room for it in Cian's house.  (And I hope one day we have another one, be ready Chris and Adrienne Scott.)
Here is Steve's favorite part of the entire room, the playstation and the x-box.  That's our room, it is a mish-mash of furniture that came from both our families and it is nice to have a bit of those not with us in our living room all the time!

Well, thanks for stopping by and stay classy San Diego.

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