Little Dream House: The Bathroom

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our house is a two bedroom one bath house.  This works right now because there are just two of us getting ready and truthfully one of us doesn't shower that often.  I won't tell you which one.

 When we moved in the bathroom was one of the rooms I wanted to redo the most.  It took about three years to do it.  It had this horribly outdated purple wallpaper with a floral border.  It was pretty amazingly 80's.  It had to go.  We went with a gray color and this shower curtain (from Target of course) with a pop of green.  The curtain does have a bloodstain from when Cian busted his head open.

 The pedestal sink was already there and I really like it.  We added the toilet when the other one broke.  The little blue toilet was added also.  As you can see we have plenty of reading material next to the potty...

There is a downfall to our bathroom, we have a dragon problem.  This Hungarian Horntail just keeps showing up!

What makes it my dream bathroom: The bathroom had a lot of firsts. Cian took his first bath and was potty trained in here.  I spent many hours sitting next to that little blue potty waiting on something to happen.  We had a pee-pee chart and then a poo-poo chart that Cian put stickers on when he did his business.  As I  mentioned, there is blood on the shower curtain from when he busted his little head.  My kids saw themselves for the first time in this mirror and Cian still loves to look at his little self while brushing his teeth.  This bathroom is not a private place because there is not a moment when someone is not busting in the door, (by someone I mean that Hungarian Horntail up there) but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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