Mommy Monday: Sick Baby

Monday, January 30, 2012

As a parent we all know our kids are going to get sick.  Odds are we will be thrown up on, pooped on and just plain wallered all over by a sick child.  (That is southern for laying all over you.)  Well a couple weeks ago Cian got sick and had a temperature, cough, runny nose and a little vomiting.  (I should add that it was all over Steve's back that he threw up.  Conveniently it was time to feed Isla so Steve had to deal with the puker.)

Isla has had a stuffy nose for awhile but at the beginning of last week it got really bad.  The poor little thing was all stopped up and was having trouble breathing, she also couldn't eat very well.  On Tuesday night she didn't sleep well and Heather, our sitter, told me on Wednesday that she cried pretty much all day.  The little chick was only happy if she was sitting up.  Well this is difficult because she can't sit up so that meant having to be held or propped up all. the time.  That night she didn't sleep well either so I called the doctor.  I have to admit, I was really hoping they could just call me in a prescription for her runny nose and cough because she didn't have a fever.  Since she is so young they wanted us to bring her in so to the doctor's office we went. The doctor said she was very congested and either had something bronchial or RSV.  She said the treatment would be the same and that we needed to use a nebulizer on her every four to six hours.  She also wanted us to get an x-ray just to make sure it wasn't pneumonia.  Of course I was thinking there was no way my little baby had pneumonia.  We went and had the x-ray which Isla did not like at all.  I had to set her on the table and hold her arms up and boy was she screaming.  Cian got to stand out of the room with the x-ray tech who was great at entertaining a three year old who wanted to touch all the really expensive equipment in the room.

After the x-ray we went up to the pharmacy and got Isla's nebulizer.  They had a penguin, a cat and a pink panda.  I went for the adorable pink panda and Cian immediately dubbed it her "kung fu panda".  I got the kids home and we heard from the doctor that Isla did have a small spot in her lungs that was pneumonia.  I win because I didn't even want to take her to the doctor.  Oops.

We started her breathing treatments and antibiotics and she is totally getting better now.

Isla is not so much a fan of the mask but it makes a world of difference.  The medicine is really breaking up all the junk she has in there.  So this mom is learning that going to the doctor is not such a bad thing at all...

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