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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So October doesn't just bring nice weather and my anniversary (and an impending birth of a certain baby someone) it is breast cancer awareness month.  For a Power of Pink Auction here I, along with some other very talented ladies in Murfreesboro, donated a kids party.  It is a fall fest party that can be cowboy themed held at Dreamcatchers, a children's rehab center here in town that is on a farm.  Gigi's is in on it and the kids will get to make an adorable stuffed animal from Noah's Ark Workshop.  I am doing decor, so that is my contribution.  We all decided that our display for the auction should be enticing and make everyone want to bid on this awesome party! 

 I didn't get actually go to the auction but I made a board (using my brand new cricut) and a little candy topiary.

Please excuse the dirty vent next to the sign, haha
 I covered a thick poster board with some burlap.  I made the banner with cardstock and scrapbook paper and the cut out the shapes from my cricut and glued them together.  With previous banners I have made I have cut the letters by hand, let me tell you how much easier this made life!  I made a simple page with a description of the party and cut some leaf shapes with the cricut as well.

This guy had one too many tootsie roll pops, he couldn't stand up straight
Ah, the candy topiary.  These things seem to be the bane of my existence.  I have made three of them now and can't seem to get them supported correctly.  They are always top heavy!  This is a photo before I corrected the problem this time. (Yep, this blogger didn't take her camera to shoot a photo of the finished set up).  I put thick floral foam down in a pot and stuck a dowel rod wrapped in ribbon down in it.  This is not sturdy enough to hold up a styrofoam ball stuffed with mini  tootsie roll pops.  I fixed the problem by putting marbles down in the pot beside the styrofoam.

The auction set up was cute complete withe board and topiary, four Gigi's cupcakes and a stuffed hope bear from Noah's Ark.  I am not sure how it went but hopefully whoever bid on it will enjoy their party!!

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