Halloween Mummy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It is October, time for crisp fall weather, bonfires, jeans and jackets and Halloween!  I love being able to dress up and get free candy, I mean who wouldn't??  I was working on some Halloween decorations for an article and again came across something I wanted to do on Pinterest.  If you haven't noticed I spend entirely too much time looking at this site. 

 My starting tools were:
  • 4 different size mason jars
  • sheer fabric (like chiffon)
  • googly eyes (yep, that is the technical term)
  • glue gun
I already had the small mason jars and was able to get some huge ones that I really ended up liking.  My original intent was to use gauze to wrap them with but when I went to buy it and saw how expensive it was I decided on a sheer fabric.

 I started by cutting the fabric into long, thin strips.  My next step was to glue a piece of the fabric to what I wanted to be the back of the mason jars starting at the top.  I wrapped the fabric around the jar until I had it looking the way I wanted it and glued it to the bottom of the jar.  I glued a little in the middle on the ones where my fabric strips weren't long enough. I tried to cut the strips so they were long enough to cover the entire jar.  After finishing all the jars I wanted I hot glued the googly eyes onto each one.  I should say that there was one casualty, I knocked one of the eyes I had already put hot glue on off the couch and it landed on the back of my leg.  This didn't really hurt, it was the ripping it from the skin part that left a mark.

After I hot glued the eyes on I had my finished product!  I stuck candles in the bottom and now they are a cute Halloween decoration and candle holder! Yay for fall.

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