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Monday, October 3, 2011

I haven't just been lounging around the house propping my feet up. I have been busy getting things ready for shoots, crafting for Isla's room and for events!  I love to craft.  Sometimes the things turn our great and other times not at much. I am dubbing this week craft week on the blog. (Hey sharks get one). So I will post a different craft or fun thing each day!!

Canvas for Isla's Wall:

 I got the idea for this one from Pinterest.  I thought it would be relatively easy to replicate. (Disclaimer: mine are not nearly as neat as the ones shown on pinterest and I didn't love it as much as I thought I would but it was a first attempt).  I bought four 10x10 canvases, wooden letter, spray paint and some fabric and I was ready to start crafting.

 First I gorilla glued the letters to the canvas and let them sit over night. This glue will hold anything, and I mean anything!  The only problem with it is that it tends to run from behind what you are gluing and it left some bubble beside the letters.  I didn't do the Isla letters because I had plans for them to be over some fabric so that canvas would stand out.

 My next step was to spray paint the canvases.  I took them outside (yep, pregnant lady with some paint--watch out) and sprayed them a bright raspberry color.  I did a couple coats and let them dry in between.

After those were dry it was time to finish the Isla canvas.  I simply took a remnant piece of fabric and wrapped it around the canvas then hot glued it to the back. I pained the Isla letters bright yellow and glued them to the top of the fabric and voila--we are finished.

There are definitely some imperfections if you look closely, for instance the spray paint is not totally even everywhere and the yellow paint I had wouldn't cover the wood grain on some of the letters but there are imperfections in my life if you look closely as well, hehe.

Enjoy, and I will see you here tomorrow for another day of craft week!

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