Craft Week: Halloween Decorations

Friday, October 7, 2011

Recently I did an article for a local publication about decorating for Halloween.  (Yeah, I am squealing on the inside and I will post about that when you can see the article!!)  I made the mummy jars and a trick or treat pennant banner for a photo shoot for the article.  I set them up at Bill and Karen's house for the article photos because it is much more conducive for decorating than our little guy.  This friends is not about the article though, it is about the banner.

I love making banners.  Since Cian's second birthday I think it has become one of my things.  I knew with this decorating I wanted to have a cute Halloween banner. They are actually pretty easy to make but take some time!  I haven't made one out of fabric but when I learn to sew I really want to.  There are some of the most adorable fabric banners out there!  The tutorial I used to craft these was found here.

I started by making the decorated triangles out of festive scrapbook paper.  After I cut those I traced them onto card stock and cut the cardtstock triangles out with some majestic shears to get the fun edges.  I glued them together and had my framework. I have two different size round punches that I use for cupcake toppers so I used my extra scrapbook paper and those to cut the circles you see under the letters.  I put the circles on the triangles completely at random so each one had different sizes and designs.  After this it was time for letters.  I have since bought a cricut that can cut the letters out for me but at the time I made this I did not have one.  I had a template for the letters and cut each one out of cardstock.  I had to put the template letters backward on the page and cut each one so it would look right on the banner. This is what took dang forever.  (I must admit that I made a banner for a friend once and one of the letters was facing the wrong way.  Way to be a a good proofreader ms. journalism major...)I put a mindless movie on and set out to cutting the night away.
After cutting and gluing the letters on with a glue stick I hot glued each triangle to a strand of black sheer ribbon.  The fun part about this is laying it out all across the floor and making sure your ribbon is even.  I may have sat on my hot glue gun before while doing this.  Genius.

That is my finished product.  We hung it up on the wall using tape and it has since fallen down around all the photos and mummies.  Guess I should go hang that back up...

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