I Come From...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo by Chris and Adrienne Scott Photographers
so years ago I promised I would post the writing exercise from the Hallmark event.  Without further adieu...

I Come From...
  • barefoot summers
  • porch swings and hymns
  • sneaking up creaky stairs to "surprise" my grandmother
  • dancing in the living room
  • ice cream on the way home from school
  • listening to my mom sing lullabies
  • long summer days on a bike
  • quilts and coke bottles
  • early morning cold water
  • lazy days at the beach
  • radio shows and skits
  • giggling into the night
  • being tickled by the jabberywocky
  • Christmas eve with my brother
  • outdoor concerts
  • fried okra and cornbread
  • passing notes
  • driving to college
  • young love
  • love that endures
  • laughter throughout the house
  • tickling little tiny feet
  • forgiveness and grace

Photo by Chris and Adrienne Scott Photographers

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