Tummy Tuesday: 39 Weeks

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

39 Weeks

 Well folks, we made it.  I officially have five days left until my due date.  This, however, does not mean I have five days until my child arrives.  It could be five, could be two, could be nine. The waiting game has begun (cue Jeopardy music now...).  I have been having random braxton hicks contractions off and on for almost two weeks now and last Thursday I had them for five hours then they went away.  I didn't actually feel strong contractions with Cian because I didn't have any before I went to the hospital and then I got an epidural and didn't really feel them so this whole waiting for the real thing is kind of new to me.  From what I hear it is one of those you will know things so I am just waiting until I go, "holy crap this is a real contraction".  This pregnancy has flown by but at the same time the last few weeks have seemed to drag.  Each day I think, "is this our last day as a family of three?"

I had to have an  ultrasound a couple weeks ago and little Isla Kate weighted 6lbs 8oz.  I am getting to the point where I am so excited to see what she will look like. Will she have hair? How much? Will she look like me, Steve, someone else in our families?  Will her fingers be long and skinny?  Will she be a chunky monkey?  There are so many questions, I know that no matter what she will be one of the most beautiful little babies I have ever seen.  (And by that I mean one of the two most beautiful babies I have ever seen.)  I have come to the conclusion that even if your kids are not actually cute you will think they are cute.  I wouldn't know though because my kid is pretty darn cute, hehe.

39 Weeks
39 Weeks with Cian

I am kind of hoping that this is my last Tummy Tuesday post.  It is funny how I didn't mind the waiting during the entire pregnancy but now that we are at the end I am so anxious to meet my little chick.  I think the last few weeks are the absolute longest.  It is hard to enjoy my last few nights of uninterrupted sleep because I am so ready for Isla to be here.  (Yes, the getting up four times to pee is somewhat annoying but I keep reminding myself that I am getting six or more hours of sleep total, this will not happen again for another few months).

Hopefully I will be posting her pretty little face very very soon!!

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