Clone Trooper in Our House...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We have a celebrity living in our house.  No joke, Captain Rex (from The Clone Wars) has taken up a permanent residence in the George house.

With the exception of his brief stint as Frodo, Cian has been saying he wanted to be Captain Rex for Halloween for quite some time.  We went to Party City about a month ago and found a Captain Rex costume in the clearance bin for $5.  This should be enough to explain to you that the costume is from last season and is fairly cheap looking.  Who cares when it's five bucks right??  Normally we are costume snobs.  There, I said it.  For Cian's first Halloween he was an Ewok with a costume that I paid far far too much for.  Last year we borrowed a Yoda costume from a friend. The Yoda head was too small for my child's melon so he went as a Jedi instead.  This year, Captain Rex will be ready to make his appearance.  (Can you see a Star Wars theme going on here??)  At first Steve wasn't too excited about buying the cheap costume but when he thought we might be able to go buy a cool Star Wars helmet to go with hit he was sold.  Who is this costume really for anyway??

Rex with his helmet that is much much too large for his head

Ready with his costume and helmet, we had a full Cian to Rex transformation.  This kid wore his costume for the first two full days we owned it.  He has also worn it many times since then.  Some mornings he will wake up and come right out of his room carrying his Rex costume and ask me to put it right on him.  And yes, I have been that parent that lets my kid walk around all day in his costume.  Daddy has also made a transformation into Slide, who is his made up clone trooper.  They dubbed me the purple menace as I am clearly a bad guy.  (Thank goodness I won't be outnumbered for too much longer, though one day Isla might decide to take their side and not the dark side.)  Steve and Cian have "battles" on our bed where Rex gets thrown around a lot and then eventually gets Slide or the bad guy down.  This is especially funny to watch because Cian likes to look at himself in the mirror while he is battling.

The hat that came with the suit is too small for Cian so naturally Daddy gets to wear it
As I mentioned, Rex lives with us pretty much full time now. Many times when I ask Cian to do something he corrects me and says he is not Cian, but Rex.  The other night Rex and Slide has some fun with clone "training".

Getting ready to Jump

Aaand he's off

The dismount
Cian, ahem, excuse me, Rex could have done this for hours.  too bad it was bed time.  That's also how we roll, get the kid all riled up and then send him to bed.  Mad parenting skills people.

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