Isla's Room: The finished product

Monday, October 10, 2011

My vision for Isa's room was kind of a mish mash of different things but I wanted it to have a crafty, home-made feel that was girly and maybe a little vintage.  The things I decided to put together didn't turn out exactly the way I envisioned them in my head but I like the way the finished product looks.  Without further adieu...

 This is the view from the door. We used Cian's old crib, changing table and dresser.  We also moved a futon that had been in our computer room.  The decal you see is from Etsy and I love it! It is really tall, all the way to the ceiling.  This puppy took forever to put together.  It came in a few different pieces with each owl, flower and bird being a separate piece.  the tree also came in four pieces.  it was worth it!

 The little futon that I plan to use for feeding and maybe some late late nights.  My boppy is already there and ready to go!

 Isla's dresser with the owl I bought from Goodwill.  The photo and lamp are from Target and there are some cute little owls made of felt that my wonderful girls made for me.  The adorable fluffy white owl is from Karen and came from Asheville, NC.  He is cute little guy.

The crib with the Potter Barn Brooke bedding--I love it!!  Jessie and Laine made the accordion flowers hanging from the ceiling for my baby shower and the two small frames were made by my friend Bonnie.  The larger one is a magnetic board and was my latest craft project. (I have to admit that Steve did all the work on this one).

The owl and bird pillows were gifts at my shower and they look nice and cozy in her bed right now.  Of course they will have to leave once she starts sleeping in there.

The owl pillow was a gift from Karen and came from Target and the blanket was a gift from some sweet girlfriend's as well.  they are sooo cute!

Laine made this Isla banner and I think it is a perfect addition to her room.

 Here is my original guy and the cute puffy baby owl.

Felt owls and lamp from Target.  I sort of  meshed the owl theme stuff at Target with the Potter Barn stuff but the colors were so similar that I think they went well together.  There will be a sweet baby girl in this room soon to enjoy her owls!  We can't wait to meet her.


Amanda said...

I love it! So glad you guys went with yellow, it looks great. Look at Laine, little miss crafty herself!

Bonnie Nelson said...

I love it too!!!

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