Sunday, October 2, 2011

So I realized I haven't blogged in almost a month. Yep, I have been slacking for a month!  I have lots of stuff stockpiled to write about so here is the first of what I hope will catch me up on what has been going on in the George house!

  I completely didn't expect anyone to throw me a shower since this is our second kid.  (I also didn't want to seem like a greedy brat asking for more stuff when we already have baby stuff).  My friends insisted and it was fun since everything we have is for boys and getting girl stuff is fun too!

I actually had a diaper and wipe shower at work and then a shower in Chattanooga on the same weekend!  My camera conveniently broke the day before the showers so I didn't get any photos of the one in Murfreesboro.  Luckily my mom came to the rescue in Chattanooga and let me have her photos.  I work with a great bunch of people and they got me all stocked with diapers.  I also got two incredible diaper cakes, it was so fun to get one!  I should interject that it is sad to take it apart, they are so cute I hated to dismantle it!!

My best friends are wonderful and I am thankful for all the hard work they put into my shower. They made a bunch of adorable owl decorations, which are in Isla's room right now.  (Another post coming soon).  They had cute ideas on games and we had a great time!
Cian got to enjoy the shower too

Baby game: you had to pick which baby was which person at the shower (Thank God they didn't play the game where you measure how large the pregnant woman is...)

Isla wreath!

Onesie decorating!!

Cian was a big helper when opening gifts

The girls

Jessie, me and Laine.  I love my girls!!

A few weeks ago I had brunch with Karen and Bill (my in-laws), Amanda (my crafty sister-in-law) and Rachel, (my cousin in law) to celebrate little Isla.  I also have an incredible group of girls I exercise with.  They threw me a "shower"or dinner at Carabas.  We drank wine, ok they drank wine, ate cake and had a really fun evening.  I am so thankful for all the women God has put in my life!!

Cute little basket for baby girl!

The girls

Megan, Becca and Lauren

Joanna, Becca and Carla
Adorable cake made by my friend Jill

 I feel so blessed to have all the friends we have and for everything we were give for little Isla.  This chick already has a better wardrobe than I do!  I can't wait for her to get here to meet all her friends and family!!


Amanda said...

Can't wait to see the room! Is that a blanket in the basket of baby things? It's adorable!

Becca George said...

It is a basked full of cute baby girl things!! I will post the room soon, we are just putting some finishing touches on it. :)

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