Christmas Day in the Cabbage Patch

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Christmas Day in the Cabbage Patch is a Happy Hoopdie Doo." Picture a cute little four year old Becca bouncing around the room singing and dancing to this cabbage patch song. Adorable right?  Now picture a 30 year old Becca doing it.  Not quite as cute. Would it make it better if I said Cian was dancing too?  Some of my fondest memories are of my brother and I listening (and dancing) to a Cabbage Patch record.  I am so thankful for all the Christmas traditions my family had throughout the year and it is wonderful to start traditions with my little family.

 We had a great Christmas this year.  We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house and celebrated with my Dad's side in the morning then with my parents and brother and sister in law at night.  My mom always makes this awesome breakfast casserole with specialty breads, fruit casserole and bacon.  I may or may not sneak bacon before breakfast is finished.  This year my brother and his wife Bonnie told us they had a gift for everyone but it wouldn't be here until August 6th.  When they said this I really thought, "What in the world could be on back order until August?"  My dad was the first one to pick up on it (or at least to say anything) and he asked if it was a baby.  Sure enough, they are expecting a baby in August!  Cian and Isla will have another cousin.

the parents to be

Wendy, Paula and Charlie

Super Boy with his sidekick Batman (notice those sleeping folks in the background?)

Christmas Eve night we drove back home so we could be here when Santa came to visit.  We got here pretty late and word on the street is Santa had some gifts to wrap.  Steve woke up around 6:30 and decided it was time to get Cian up.  We could see what Santa brought and eat Christmas breakfast.  There was one small glitch, we had zero groceries.  I mean I guess we could have had canned green beans for Christmas breakfast.  I became one of the people we always talk bad about and set out to find breakfast.  Walgreens was open so I got some overprices bacon and eggs.  Smooth.

Turns out Santa did come to visit.  Every time Cian would open a gift all day he would say, "Let's see what  it is" in the same sing-songy voice.

That evening we went to Bill and Karen's to celebrate with Steve's family.  We had a great Christmas dinner and some Christmas cookies and pies for dessert.  My sister in law Amanda is Martha Stewart and make a lot of cookies including some for everyone with their names on them.  They were so cute and so good!  I bought the side dish we were supposed to make.  Is there an opposite for Martha?  Cian had fun with all his cousins and we enjoyed hanging out with everyone.

Cian and Will

The Belchers

Bill and Karen's tree

Rob and Kyle

Tracy and Taryn

Somehow the uni-bomber showed up

Karen and Amanda get excited about gifts.  It is pretty cool.

Of course everyone got some pretty good gifts but the most important thing is that we all were able to get together and spend time with our precious family!  I am so thankful for Jesus and being able to celebrate his birth and enjoy it with the amazing families I have been blessed with.

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